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Rest In Peace Feriado

Maybe some of you have heard or read it already...we had to let wonderful Feriado go last week at only nine years old.

It took me a few days to collect myself to talk about this publicly and share it with you, as his medical history stretched over a few weeks and took a toll on all of us.

After an intestinal blockage in his groin and the surgery and castration that was necessary in that case, there were always new problems that finally left us and his owner no choice but to let him go.

Athletically, the talented Fabregas son of Angelika Neukranz and I were just beginning to develop his strengths and full potential. Just last year, the beautiful black horse and I had our show premiere together. In May of this year, we were already able to win an advanced (S*) level dressage competition. In August Feriado won his first St. Georg Special with a great 71 percent. I wish he had had the chance to show what he is still capable of, even towards the top class.

The charming black has grown very close to our hearts. He was a very fine horse - inside and out. A real treasure to handle and always full of life. In work very light-footed, motivated and ready for collection. He always enjoyed his morning paddock walk with special moves and extensive "rolling orgies"! It is hard for me to accept that our journey together is already over.

Rest In Peace little Feriado - we will miss you very much.


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