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My husband Jobst Krumhoff was part of the extended management team of a large German insurance group and was responsible for training and further education. Already during his professional life and now after he retired at the beginning of 2021, he supports me in all matters, for which I am very grateful.

Unfortunately, his own equestrian ambitions came to a rather rough end some time ago ... But this does not detract from his interest in the sport.

By the way, we met in 2003 and got married in October 2010 on the island of Mauritius - the most beautiful day of my life.

My father Hans Eberhard Schneider was a passionate breeder: among others, the Trakehner elite stallion and Grand Prix successful Van Deyk and the Olympic jumper Procat come from his breeding. As a state-certified farmer and graduate agricultural engineer with over 30 years of experience in the management of a large farm, he helped me with the bookkeeping at the St. Stephan stud.

He also took on the training of the apprentices with a lot of commitment and appropriate expertise - which was a great help for me. Even successfully in the saddle up to Inter I and Grand Prix judge, he also led courses at the St. Stephan stud and in neighboring countries.


My mother Ursula-Susanne Schneider, as a trained housekeeper, took care of the catering and physical well-being at our St. Stephan stud. She is the good soul of the business and kept my back free by taking on many administrative tasks, such as handling telephone inquiries, ordering feed, sending the stallion semen, etc.

During the evening tour of the stable, she likes to spoil the horses with carrots and apples - and of course a few pats.


My brother dr Just like my father, Theo Schneider is a qualified agricultural engineer. As a publicly appointed and sworn expert, he has specialized in the field of hippology. "Hippotax" comprises agricultural and animal breeding services in the fields of horse breeding, husbandry and sport.

He has already published extensive specialist literature on this subject. You can find out more about his expertise and references on his website

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