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Zweibrücken: Two young talents stand in front

Our four-legged young talents were on the go -

and came back from the Youngster Dressage Day in Zweibrücken with golden ribbons. The youngest was the four-year-old, extremely elegant chestnut D'cinzano. The riding horse test was on the program for him. The son of Duvalier, licensed in Munich-Riem in 2020, already did a good job under Hannah. Even when the horse in front of him shied and finally fell in behind him or even gave up, he didn't let himself be upset. The one neigh before cantering to the right is forgiven for the show newcomer! The judges gave him uniformly high scores - with individual scores up to 9.0. The average score was 8.1, putting D'cinzano ahead of the competition. A great start for this promising youngster owned by Stefan Heinrich.

Kim brought Belle Amie to the start in the A dressage test for young horses. The two had to master a special challenge right away, because in the division went before the five-year-old Hanoverian Borsalino daughter - a riding pony mare. Kim could solve the "problem" of the nevertheless very different step length only by very large distance, in the step by the diagonal then however (still in time before the gallop) the order was changed. Belle Amie, owned by the stud Fohlenhof, showed beautiful climax and brings a lot of talent. Only in the corner, where the camera was, she was a bit irritated for a moment. But also for Belle Amie it was the first start and then immediately also on 20 x 60 meters... 8.3 meant also for her the victory.

D'cinzano. Photo:


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