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Wiesbaden: No Words are needed

Indescribable!!!! Dancing with "Showi" (Showtime FRH, B.: Gaby Kippert and Erika Mann) in front of Wiesbaden Castle - by the way, his first ever performance in front of this fantastic backdrop - is so special for me that a few tears were already rolling during the test ...

After winning the Grand Prix, he was also unbeatable in the Special (76.723 percent). But to say it right away: no, I am not planning to go to the European Championships. This horse has been in my care for 14 years, has given me everything - and much more - during this time and I don't want to have to go through the sifting process with him, but rather decide purely according to my gut feeling when I will bring him to the start again.

You only have a horse like Showi once in a lifetime and the fact that he is fit, full of energy and having fun is something I just want to enjoy!



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