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Wiesbaden: "Dante" and "Sissy" in top form

Day 1 in Wiesbaden: Plenty of sunshine, one of the most beautiful (castle) backdrops of all and two horses in the best of spirits - what more could you want!

"Dante" (Dante's Hit OLD, owner: Hofgut Rosenau) started the day with a superior victory in the St. Georges of the seven to nine year old horses in the arena after a longer break from the show - and received various 9s. 74.158 percent overall - and the feeling that there is still a lot more to come.

"Sissy" (Sisters Act MT OLD, owner: Sissy Max-Theurer) increased her own best score in the Grand Prix to 73.913 percent - second place. Her second name is "Miss Consistency", because she simply always delivers - and even better every time. That's why I'm going to take her on the floodlit freestyle adventure tomorrow ...

Sisters Act MT OLD. Photo:


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