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Wiesbaden: Borghese MT third

Borghese MT took third place in the test for six-year-old horses in the exciting garden of the Wiesbaden castle today.

The son of Baccardi, owned by Sissy Max-Theurer, was mightily impressed by the scenery of the dressage arena in Wiesbaden. The trot and canter were nevertheless very good, and the scores were correspondingly high. We got an 8.8 for trot and a 9.0 for canter! Unfortunately it started to rain during my ride and Borghese found the umbrellas even more exciting. This was noticeable in the walk, which simply lacked suppleness today. The judges gave him a 9.0 for perspective, which is really great for this well-balanced stallion with such strong movements!

Tomorrow we will compete again in the final of six-year-old dressage horses, please keep your fingers crossed for us!

Photo: Lafrentz


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