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Warendorf: Segantini nominated for the 2nd inspection

In mid-August, Segantini and I will once again be competing for one of the coveted tickets for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

The six-year-old Secret-son Segantini (owner: Maik Kanitzky, Gestüt MK Ammerland) showed a very good performance at today's first inspection, which was rewarded with much praise and a nomination for the second inspection for the World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

In his comments, Dr Plewa praised the trot tour with lots of power and dynamics and a very cadenced collected trot. The trot tour was rounded off with a clear off foot and reinforcement with good hindquarters activity and the judges awarded Segantini a basic quality in the top score range. The walk was regulated and clearly in time, the canter a highlight. Safe uphill and always in a clear three-beat rhythm with an unmistakable basic quality. The selection committee also praised the cadenced trot in the traversals and the very well jumped changes uphill.

All in all, a comment that I am really more than happy about and which does Segantini great justice. He is a horse with an incredible amount of quality and is great to train, I am really convinced of him!


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