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Showi on shortlist for European Championships

The DOKR Dressage Committee has named the team for the European Championships in Hagen.

The Olympics are hardly over and the next championships are already on schedule. I am very happy that Showi and I are on the shortlist for the European Championships in Hagen from 7 to 12 September. As in Tokyo, Isabell Werth (this time with Weihegold OLD) and Jessica von Bredow-Werndl with TSF Dalera BB will be in the team with me, and Helen Langehanenberg with her Annabelle.

Showi is only doing a light training at the moment, has a varied fun programme and spends a lot of time in the pasture after his return from Tokyo. So training for the European Championships can start and I am super happy that he is so fresh and motivated and hopefully we will be able to show some great tests again in Hagen!


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