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Salvina fourth

At the Ludwigsburg Dressage Festival Salvina secured fourth place in the St. Georg Special.

Today's qualifier for the Burg-Pokal had some highlights, but unfortunately also a very mixed walk, which cost us a lot of points.

The eight-year-old Salvina, owned by the Fohlenhof Stud, is simply a dancer, and one judge gave her a score of 9.00 for her strong trot. Overall, the trot was very nice, but at the beginning of the walk, Salvina got scared for a short time and then didn't really let go. In the canter Salvina then showed again what potential she has.

Let's hope that the beautiful Genesis-daughter will get more used to the course until the final qualification and we can show what great shape she is in.

Today the judges gave her 72.756 percent and fourth place in the St. Georges Special.

photo: Lafrentz


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