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Rotterdam/NLD: DSP Sammy Davis Jr. fourth

In the Grand Prix of the Nations Cup, Sammy took an excellent fourth place.

It has been eight months since Sammy did his last competition. At the end of October he placed second in the Grand Prix in Oldenburg and won the freestyle. In Rotterdam we are in the Nations Cup team and came fourth in the Grand Prix today. Sammy was super motivated and could hardly wait, this overzealousness cost us a few points. The first central was a bit restless and even in walk he didn't really get to let go yet. On the other hand, he had a really great trot tour with super passages and piaffes and very successful flying-changes. I am really happy about the result and the 75.41 percent, on Saturday our team will compete in the Special and Freestyle for the decision in the Nations Cup.

Photo: Lafrentz


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