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RIP Rosi

I apologize for not getting back to you in such a long time.

I needed some time to be able to put my emotions into words. Thank you for your great sympathy in the last days.

I miss Rosi so much!

Every time I think or talk about this terrible incident, I fight with a lot of tears.

Rosi came to me in the stable as a ten year old and the Heicke family entrusted her to me for further training.

Always highly motivated, she went her way in every way.

In our first Grand Prix competitions we were often not the best but the fastest, because she always had many "appointments" on her daily agenda.

More and more Rosi started to trust me also in the arena, "waiting for me", so that with all her strengths and motivation we could enjoy very great rounds together also in big stadiums during the last seven years.

This trust from her side means so much to me and gave me so much joy. When she often greeted the judges and the audience with a neigh during the greeting at G at the end of her tests, my heart always went out to her even more.

Proudly with all her presence we left the arena, were happy about our harmonious "dance" and then enjoyed many carrots together!

I was allowed to learn a lot from her... every day, what a feeling to grow together with her!

She was so special, incredibly devoted to people and sports, always positive emotionally with a lot of aura and overview.

Rosi always produced goosebumps in me just by looking out her "apartment door", because her look said so infinitely much.

I will always carry you in my heart dear Rosi and I hope you gallop over us! ❤️ RIP

Photo: Katja Stuppia


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