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Pohlheim: Roman wins in his first "long" Grand Prix

I am super proud of Roman.

At the Pohlheim Dressage Days he rode his first long Grand Prix today - and it was really great!!! He is learning more and more to focus, and this task suits him more than the short Grand Prix, also because of the "soft" lines.

Two stupid and unfortunately, because of the coefficient, also very expensive mistakes - a too late change in the zigzag traversal and a short jumping after the second piaffe - we had to accept. But in return he showed many super highlights in the trot and canter. The changes also worked at their best. He is concentrating better and better - and with his boundless talent he is simply a lot of fun.

72.933 percent meant victory in this test.

By the way, if you were wondering about the location of the show, Pohlheim, I was there for the first time, because the announcement was convenient for me and it is only 130 kilometers away from Framersheim in Hesse. The organization on site was really great. For the youth rider competition, I was also asked for numerous autographs - I didn't even have that many cards with me, but I will fulfill all autograph requests now in the follow-up. Firmly promised!!!

Photo: Lafrentz


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