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One of my favorite topics ...

... praise! praise! praise!

That's why I'm very pleased that the magazine St. Georg deals with this topic in its current issue - if I may use surreptitious advertising at this point. Showi is also an apt example of how one can give horses self-confidence and motivate them with the attitude "We can do this together, trust me" and "I believe in you and I know what you are made of (even if outsiders may not be able to see it yet)".


That's the fascinating thing about our sport, that we don't just have to be technically good, for example in terms of posture and aids. No, we also have to deal intensively with our horses mentally, make them strong and expressive through lots of praise. The goal must be that even the most difficult lessons look easy and effortless. Then dressage is a shared desire - and in my eyes the most beautiful and fascinating sport in the world!!!!


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