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Oldenburg: Faustus starts indoor season in third place

Faustus really did a great job in Oldenburg's EWE Arena, which is quite narrow.

Our arena just fits in. We can't go around the outside at all. We ride in from the inside. For the first indoor tournament, this is quite an adjustment for the horses. But Faustus remained nicely concentrated. He went straight into the trot tour with a lot of drive and expression. And then great piaffe-passage transitions, as he gains more and more strength and confidence. Faustus also scored points in the walk: he comes to stride beautifully. And then his "sweet spot": the canter. Not even flying is more beautiful... After turning onto the diagonal for the tempi changes, he wasn't in front of my leg enough for a moment. It's a pity, change mistakes are unfortunately very, very expensive. But the pirouettes and the final line went really well again. 72.261 percent meant third place for Faustus, who is owned by the Fohlenhof Stud, behind his pit neighbor Sammy, who was second.

Photos: Becker


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