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No school horse less: FN demands short-time allowance for four-legged friends

The FN has started a campaign today that is very close to my heart.

Due to the lack of income from riding and vaulting, about one third of all riding schools in Germany see their existence endangered. The horses must of course continue to be cared for, the costs for feed etc. continue to run, despite the lack of income. The FN has now launched a major campaign under the hashtags #KEINSchulpferdweniger and #KurzarbeitergeldfürSchulpferde to draw attention to the problem.

This is a topic that of course also affects me very much. The care of our horses has top priority, yet the riding schools have to be able to finance themselves somehow. And if riding schools have to close as a result of the pandemic, many children and adults will be deprived of a large part of their joy of life and the equestrian sport of its future athletes. This must not happen under any circumstances and therefore I ask you to share the campaign diligently!


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