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Munich-Riem: Salvina third

A result that I am particularly pleased about: Salvina placed third in the Intermediaire II.

Salvina kicked off the Pferd International in Munich-Riem today in the ‘Derby Stars of Tomorrow’ series. And Salvina is definitely a star of tomorrow, just one who needs a lot of confidence and patience. The talented mare owned by Gestüt Fohlenhof has grown very close to my heart over the past few years, even if she perhaps takes a little longer than other horses. Salvina really is a huge talent and has learnt all the lessons very quickly and playfully. On the other hand, she is super sensitive and needs a lot of confidence and routine to be able to show her skills at competitions. That's why I'm particularly pleased that she performed so well in the exciting setting today and that we were able to place third in the Intermediaire II.


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