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Munich: Dabut for Vainqueur and me

For some time now I have had a new four-legged partner in my stable.

The beautiful chestnut stallion Vainqueur descends from Vivaldi and was trained and presented by the master Hubertus Schmidt in the past years. After Hubertus has retired from the show sport, Vainqueur found his way to Framersheim. I am very grateful to Gabriele Kippert and Eva Maria Mann for saving this talented charmer for me and I am very much looking forward to the future with him!

Today we competed at our first show together at Pferd International and won the Intermediaire II of the series "Stars of Tomorrow". Of course we still have to get to know each other better and work on the fine tuning, however for now I am super happy with our debut.

Photo: Hubert Fischer


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