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We are looking forward to quiet Christmas days in the smallest family circle.

The year 2020 went quite differently than planned! The Corona pandemic and the associated postponement of the Olympic Games and the cancellation of numerous tournaments has given us a very different summer than usual. More time for the young horses, more time at the farm and also more time at home with my family. Even though I missed the competitions, I am first and foremost glad that we are all doing well health-wise and I sincerely hope it stays that way.

Despite the few competitions, my horses were able to shine in their performances and I am very grateful to have so many great and talented four-legged friends in my stable.

A big thank you to all the horse owners who trust me year after year and entrust me with their charges. And of course to my great team and my family, without whom none of this would be possible!

I am now looking forward to a peaceful Christmas and wish everyone health and happiness for the New Year.


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