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Ludwigsburg-Monrepos: Final ticket for Lordswood Dancing Diamond

We did it! Dancing Diamond will start at the final of the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal in Frankfurt.

I am really very happy with Dancing Diamond's performance and our result of over 77 percent in the qualification test! The black horse owned by the Rehnig family has seemingly unlimited potential, not for nothing was he already World Champion of Young Dressage Horses. It is simply great to see that he has now made the jump to the advanced level so effortlessly.

Photo: Lafrentz

I am really looking forward to the finals in Frankfurt, the Festhalle is one of my absolute favorite shows. Even though everything is different this year without the spectators, I am looking forward to showing my horses there. I was already able to qualify Villeneuve and Sisters Act OLD for Frankfurt, both horses won their qualifiers like Lordswood Dancing Diamond with over 77 percent. Frankfurt can come!


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