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Kronberg: Third place for First Romance

Super happy and with a third place in the final of the Louisdor Prize we end our tournament weekend at the Schafhof.

I am just super happy with Roman's performance in the final of the Louisdor Prize! He was altogether much more relaxed than yesterday, I got to ride nicely and just happy that we were able to show what my eager youngster is made of. Roman shined today with great changes, very well done pirouettes and a nice trot and walk. This horse just has so much perspective overall, the training is fun every day and I am very happy to ride such a horse.

From the judges today there was 73.22 percent and the third place of the test, with the result I am super happy and now say goodbye to my four-legged friends in a well-deserved relaxed Christmas fun program.

Photos: Lafrentz


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