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Kronberg: Fourth place for Quaterline

A small insecurity in the strong walk cost us a better placing today.

First of all, I have to praise Quaterline, he was already much better with me than in the warm-up test and could be ridden nicely. Our test had many highlights, but unfortunately he got so stuck on a flowerpot in the strong walk that he faltered for a moment. And especially in a lesson that counts double, this is of course very expensive. In the end we scored 71.536 percent and finished fourth.

With Dante's Hit, I qualified my 19th horse for the final of the Nuremberg Burg Cup this year, making me a record finalist. I am a bit proud of that! This great series is simply a super stepping stone for the horses into the big sport and I am very happy to be part of it again this year with a talented young horse.

Photos: Lafrentz


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