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Karlijn V. ahead of Khalifa

The young horses were also able to get a taste of competition in Mainz-Bretzenheim.

In December 2019, the KWPN mare Karlijn V. moved into her new stable with us and has so far been presented at shows by Hannah Milena Rother. Today I had the pleasure of presenting the mare, owned by Gabriele Kippert and Eva Maria Mann, for the first time. With a total score of 8.8, the daughter of Govenor won the medium level (M) dressage test. Trot, canter and overall impression was awarded by the judges 9.0! I am very excited about the future with this talented mare.

Khalifa, whom I had already ridden in Marbach recently, also did very well. Like Karlijn V., Khalifa is a six-year-old KWPN stallion by Jazz, owned by the Elahe GmbH. For our performance today we received 8.2 points. The smart bay could especially score in canter and thoroughness .

Karlijn V. with Gabriele Kippert shortly after her arrival in Framersheim


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