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Hofgut Liederbach: Placings for Élysée GV and Borghese MT

The two young horses from the Vorwerk Stud placed in an advanced (S*) level dressage competition.

This weekend I am at the beautiful Hofgut Liederbach with some horses and Èlysée GV and Borghese MT made the start. The headline today could also have been "It's never boring with young horses".

The eight-year-old Escolar-daughter Élysée is very inexperienced and needs a lot more routine to show her enormous talent to the full. After a great trot tour, there was a bit too much tension in the walk pirouettes and Élysée wanted to show that she is actually predestined for higher tasks and piaffed. In the end we still took fourth place with a score of 67.698 percent.

Our model pupil Borghese MT showed today that he is also just a horse! Although the seven-year-old chestnut usually always delivers a faultless test, today there was simply something wrong with his canter pirouettes. That is doubly annoying in terms of points, of course. The result today was a sixth place with a score of 67.063 percent.

We can do better and hopefully we will show it in the next competition. But that is what makes the training and the presentation of the young talents so exciting, every day is different with these wonder bags and I am already looking forward to our next dance.


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