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Frankfurt: Exciting performance for Quaxi

Quaterline found the packed arena very exciting today, unfortunately.

It was a pity that Quaxi and I couldn't quite keep up with our great warm-up test. At our first start it was still relatively empty in the arena due to the early time of day, which of course looked completely different today in the final. And that got Quaxi a bit confused. So there were some minor disturbances during the test, which unfortunately resulted in the final result. Nevertheless, I am glad that I was able to give him security during the test, so that we were able to achieve many highlights. In any case, Quaterline has all the potential and I am looking forward to our further journey. Today Quaxi learned a lot and we were able to finish the test with a good feeling.

In the end we scored 71.853 percent and came seventh.


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