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Faustus says goodbye to sport

I haven't written anything about my great friend Faustus for a while, which of course had its reasons and took some time to decide.

Faustus took his last test in Frankfurt last December and shone with a wonderful freestyle. In January/February I had the feeling that he had some problems with his movements. After many examinations and tests over the course of the year and no changes or improvements, the Heicke family and I decided to retire him from competitive sport.

He has achieved and accomplished a great deal in his life and more than deserves to grow old comfortably. Fausti can continue to be ridden and take part in the fun programme, but his health no longer allows him to compete.

Until recently, I rode him lightly every day and admired his "show performances" in the paddock and meadow. Now, at the request of the Heicke family, Faustus' owners, he has moved to the Fohlenhof, where he will continue to enjoy the next few years of his life in the meadow or paddock with a light riding programme. The Fohlenhof is a paradise for horses and the welfare of all four-legged friends is absolutely paramount.

We already miss our "Fausti" very much, but I am absolutely convinced that we made the right decision for him together with the Heicke family.

The 2021 European team champion is and remains a happy horse with character and dedication. I was able to enjoy, train, accompany, groom and present him for seven years. He has grown into the A squad and has represented the German colours in dressage sport with dignity!

A huge thank you to the Heicke family for this incredible opportunity and the trust in my team and me to develop, accompany and enjoy this great horse over these many years!

Thank you to Fausti for this fantastic time together and have fun in the next phase of his life! A visit from Framersheim has of course already been announced!

photo: Lafrentz


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