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Fausti did a phantastic job

So good, in fact, that he even received the dream mark of 10 from Hagen in the Euro Special (for his mega extended canter, of course)!!!

That is simply an unbelievable feeling when he "takes off" ... The safe tempi changes, the good half-passes and the beautifully collected pirouettes also received high marks. In the floodlights of Hagen, Faustus (owner: Gestüt Fohlenhof) literally shone - it was great how confidently and expressively he showed himself here at his first championship. The beginning of the test was also top - and the trend even went towards 77 percent. Unfortunately, Fausti stumbled slightly in the first passage, which led to loss of rhythm. And also the second passage was not as good as we could have shown it. But the piaffes with a lot of flexion of haunches and diligence. And then on the final center line again a beautiful Pi-Pa tour à la Fausti ... In the end we received 74.802 percent, whereby the scores of the seven judges varied quite a bit from seventh to 22nd place.

As the 14th pair, we would have been entitled to start in the freestyle on Saturday. And I would have loved to show Fausti in the freestyle. But only the three best riders of a nation are allowed to start in the final. It is a pity, but of course I am very happy for Jessica, Isabell and Helen. Fausti did a great job and proved that he has everything it takes to be a championship horse!

Photos: Pferdefotografie Stefan Lafrentz


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