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Double win for Fürst Magic and Lord Fittipaldi M

The two stallions won an advanced (S*) level dressage competition in Mainz-Bretzenheim today with equal points.

Fürst Magic began the show today and showed a test with a lot of highlights. However understandably you can see that he has had a long break from shows and so he lacked the suppleness in his walk. He was able to shine in the canter tour, especially the pirouettes and the flying changes were very good. 73.611 percent was the result for the chic Fürst Magic, who presented himself in a great contact. He simply knows that the hearts just fly to him!

Later it was the turn of Lord Fittipaldi M, born in 2010, who did a very good job as well. Here and there, of course, there are always things we can and have to adjust. But for the time being, we are very happy with the two boys.

It was a funny moment when the result of Lord Fittipaldi came in. The two stallions shared the victory with exactly the same score.


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