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Darmstadt-Kranichstein: Borghese MT ahead of Élysée GV

The two horses, owned by Sissy Max-Theurer, were able to impress in their first advanced level (S*) dressage class today.

Our charmer Borghese MT had only very impressive performances at all his starts last year, today he competed in his first advanced level dressage class on snaffle. Borghese did not disappoint us, with a lot of quality and confidence he solved the demands placed on him and won the test with a fantastic result of 74.64 percent. That was really fun!

I am equally proud of the Escolar-daughter Élysée GV, who was born at the Vorwerk stud. The mare, born in 2015, went to her first show ever today and took second place in the advanced (S*) level dressage class with a super round and a result of over70 percent. I am really happy with Borghese MT and Élysée GV.


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