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CDI-Tour in Aachen

This year I will not be competing in the Nations' Cup in Aachen, but in the CDI Tour.

After Showi's sensational performances in the Grand Prix and the Special in Balve, we decided not to compete him in the freestyle. Our declared goal is quite clearly the World Equestrian Games in Herning/DEN in August and since Showi is still in process of developing, we did not want to put him through three competitions.

Unfortunately, this also means that we will not be available for the Nations' Cup team in Aachen this year. In order to be nominated, all three competitions of the GC have to be ridden and so this year other riders will be considered for the CDIO, whom I will of course be cheering on strongly.

But Aachen will not take place without us, I am really looking forward to the Soers and will bring Showi (or possibly Faustus) to the start in the CDI tour.

Photo: Wegener


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