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Bronze for Kaiserkult-son

Congratulations to Manja Femfert and her Kaiserkult-son Bärenfang for winning bronze at the German Amateur Championships!!! The two also placed third in the final M** freestyle in Münster with over 72 percent.

Manja Femfert and Bärenfang. Photo: Becker

The Trakehner Bärenfang, bred by Karin Holzhausen, is, in my opinion, the spitting image of his sire. I am always very pleased that my Kaiserkult TSF simply passes on to his offspring his quality of movement and his uncanny rideability. These are real participation horses. They always fight for you. But this is not only a characteristic of Kaiserkult, with whom I have had successes up to and including World Cup freestyle competitions, but above all his unforgotten sire E.H. Van Deyk, my first self-trained first Grand Prix stallion I trained myself and, above all, my horse of my heart. By the way, Manja has also trained Bärenfang herself: from the dressage horse A to successes even up to Inter I. This is really a very achievement, because in "real" life she is an insurance clerk and manages an insurance agency. By the way, she is trained by Ina Saalbach-Müller. And the Trakehner friends should be pleased that Bärenfang is on the to the Blinklicht line of the Panker Stud and thus to the old Trakehner family number 2. Further success to Manja and Bärenfang!


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