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Balve: Showi's convincing first appearance

Showi is really taking care of me.

That was already the case in Munich at the Pferd International Munich and now again in the Grand Prix of the German Championships at the Longines Balve Optimum. He is simply a dream and again showed an outstanding test: lectionally confident, completely effortless and very harmonious. So pure riding fun!! The judges gave him marks up to 10!!!

It already started with the breaking in: dead straight. Then the strong trot: with a lot of go! The traversals: with excellent longitudinal bending and a lot of shoulder freedom, ... And then one of his favorite lessons: the passage ... He gives me a wonderful riding feeling ...

Unfortunately, we made a not-so-cheap mistake when riding out of the left pirouette. Showi jumped over briefly - and the score for this counts double. But the right pirouette and the final line were again at their best.

With 80.520 percent we ranked third, and I was especially pleased that Showi's owner Gabriele Kippert supported us on the spot. In tomorrow's Grand Prix Special the first medals will be awarded ...



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