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Balve: Second medal for Faustus

Faustus also won the bronze medal in the German Freestyle Championship.

What a great weekend it was in Balve! Faustus rode in all three tests with a lot of verve and eagerness, but above all with satisfaction and enough calmness. And so today we won the second bronze medal of the German Championships.

Faustus performed a fine test and was rewarded with 81.60 percent. Our freestyle had its successful premiere only a few weeks ago in Ising, Balve was the second show start with the new freestyle. Of course, we still have to work on the fine-tuning a bit, for example, we still had some expensive mistakes in the changeover tour today. Nevertheless, I am incredibly proud of Faustus, who showed himself so well at his championship premiere.

Now it's time for us to go home and Faustus can relax for a few days in the pasture and paddock, which he has really earned.

Photos: Lafrentz


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