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Balve: I am super happy!!!

In the freestyle of the German Championships in Balve Showi went simply fantastic.

I almost can't believe that now already the second bronze medal is dangling around my neck. But Showi gave everything again. In the last four weeks and now in Balve it was almost as if he wanted to encourage me - yes, the show must go on!!! But not only him.


Without the great work of physiotherapist Michael Holzner and osteopath Gunnar Schenk, the support of my family and my team, of course the Showi owners Gabi and Eva - and the many, many encouraging comments from you, this comeback would never have been possible. D A N K E!!!!!!! I can't say it often enough what this means to me!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot the sporting part: 89.775 percent for our freestyle, in which we were able to show many, many highlights. The "change worm" of the first two tests, which was clearly my fault, was also gone. There were still a few small mistakes, but a very important step has been taken. And I drive home unspeakably happy (and also a bit tired) ...



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