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Balve: Hurray! Bronze!!

Showi started almost ideal into the Special at Longines Balve Optimum

Loose in every fiber of his body, listening very attentively to my aids and with a wonderfully fine and constant connection nicely in front of the vertical ..... Actually, you don't have to ride him, just think - and he comes back or develops maximum forward momentum. I always go into raptures!!!

Trot and walk were close to the optimum (divers got the dream score of 10) - and Showi also collected points in canter, especially with two super safe and very set pirouettes. If only there hadn't been the "change worm" ... that was a real pity and cost us a lot of points. So we have a homework - but I am sure that we can solve it.

But for now I'm really happy - after the past weeks, which were neither easy for me mentally nor because of my injury - about the bronze medal in the Special of the German Championships - behind Jessica (gold) and Isabell (silver)!!! 80.275 percent is a great result - and we still "left" some points.

Thank you Showi for fighting so hard for me - and that in the hot and humid temperatures!!! Thanks to my family and my team for your great support!!! And thanks of course to Gabi and Eva, the owners of Showtime FRH!!!!



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