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Balve: Faustus top

Faustus was great in the Special of the German Championships in Longines Balve Optimum!!!

Very precise tempi differences, great forward, great sideways. Piaffes and passages safe and with a lot of expression. In the strong walk completely calm and with wide overfooting. And also the canter tour with many, many highlights, when I think of the strong canter, the traversals, the twos as well as the pirouettes and the ones in between.


Compared to the Grand Prix, Faustus, owned by Gestüt Fohlenhof Hassloch, felt even more powerful and present. That was fun!!!

Only the single changes, unfortunately, were really unsuccessful for us - and depressed the result noticeably. In the end, 76.922 percent meant seventh place in the test and sixth place in the German Championships.


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