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Balve: Faustus starts into the German Championships

For Faustus, the Grand Prix at the German Championships in Balve was the first start again after his fantastic tests in Doha in February....

... and he did a really, really great job!!! I am very proud of him! Super lean, really great traversals with wide crosses, good pi-pa tour (he even got a 9 for his passage) and then his not-at-all-flying-is-beautiful canter.... Through training, he now has the necessary strength that just such a terrific uphill horse (B.: Gestüt Fohlenhof) simply needs for these difficult Grand Prix lessons. This could already be seen last year when he won double bronze at the German Championships.

But you could tell that he lacked a bit of match practice. The longer break from the tournament was involuntary - first the Corona lockdown and then my broken collarbone. Faustus should have been a bit more self-confident and courageous in his forward moves. That was our undoing in both changes. He jumps up the changes incredibly powerfully, but in the test the very last bit of forward movement was missing. Unfortunately, these two faults were very, very expensive, as they were also given a coefficient of two.

With 75.660 percent we ranked eighth. Tomorrow in the Special it's all about the medals - please keep your fingers crossed, because the competition - also from your own stable :-) - is enormous!

Photo: Lafrentz


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