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Reutlingen: Winning Grand Prix debut

It was his first "real" Grand Prix - and "Lordy" performed really, really well!

In the hall of Reutlingen Lordswood Dancing Diamond was completely in his element - focussed and despite the really difficult and fast sequence of lessons in the Grand Prix already very confident.

He really enjoys what he is doing. It is an incredible feeling to be able to present a horse with such possibilities. Sometimes you wish that the track didn't end after 60 metres, for example when it goes onto the diagonal for the strong canter ... or the traversals, the pi-pa tour, the transitions, the changes, the pirouettes ... Our performance was rewarded with scores up to 9.0 and a total percentage of 77.533 percent!!! The victory - and really a perfect start for this four-legged model pupil owned by the Rehnig family.

The Grand Prix debut in Reutlingen was a great milestone in our joint training. In the further fine-tuning it will be a matter of stabilising Lordy even more, who not only has almost unlimited talent, but also a considerable stature. But, as with all my horses, it is of course very important for me to give Lordy the time he needs to mature physically and mentally.

Photo: Becker


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