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Balve: 19 single changes ...

Fausti showed in the freestyle which class is in him.

In the course of the three competitions at the German Championships in Balve, he outgrew himself. Carl Orff's music "Carmina Burana" fits, I think, ideally to him this movement giant.

The passage traversals, the transition from the passage to the strong walk, the pirouettes after the strong canter - and the 19 changes of ones and the twos at the end on the diagonal... all maximum difficulties and all performed with a lot of this wonderful Faustus power.

I don't want to hide the mistake in the twos on the bent line - but that was really my last change worm at this show... 82.175 percent, seventh place for Faustus, who is owned by the Fohlenhof Stud.

I am very happy, especially since the hot and humid temperatures in Balve took a lot out of the horses. And then Fausti was also in action as a ribbon pony for Showi...



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